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Your Photographer, Kelli Summerford

     Well lets see.... I was born in 1980 and raised in South East Louisiana, I have lived in Manhattan, the mountains of Southern Cali, the Desert of South Cali, the beautiful beaches of Alabama and the middle of no where Alabama.... I now reside back home in New Orleans. I married a Culinary Artist (chef) in 2009 and we have 2 small boys together born 11-07 and 5-11. So even though this is my only job I earn money at, I am a full time wife and mother as well, which any other mom knows is enough by it's self.

    I always had a talent and a passion for all forms of Art and have won awards for my paintings and pencil drawings (portraits) in the past... I still enjoy painting, jewelry making and other crafts in my spare time. ( Not that I ever have   I always enjoyed taking photos and looking at photos especially old family pictures. I started Photography as a full time profession around the time I got married. I could not believe the prices the photographers charged, the hoarding of copy rights and most often bad work and thought.... I could do this well..and make people happy.... So I did! At the end of  May 2014 I have shoot  150 weddings. Of coarse portraits just come along with that and I have a lot of fun doing them. I am quite blessed to be doing what I enjoy and still find time for my family, plus I get to contribute in a huge way to one of the happiest days of some couples lives (Often babies come along and rank pretty Unfortunately I am not super woman so I don't overbook myself. So book early!!


 Check out this write up done on me in 2012, this website came to me and asked me to be on their site, I did not pay for this.



  I use only Canon! My main Camera is a  Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR Camera (20.2 mega pixels) I also own 2 more canon rebels an T2i and a T3i, I use as backups. 24-105 F/4 L IS lens, 18-55mm lens.  I use a Canon 550ex and a  430ex II flash as well as diffusers and other small things.



Picture of me and my kin.

Left side-

-self portrait taken with my i phone in front the tv... yep... strange televison

- my youngest son Jullian. yes he wanted blue hair

-my oldest son Killian,the mine craft master

-me april 2014, photo credit my bestie, Stephanie Gibson

Right side-

- me and hubby as characters from the show vikings, yes i made the costumes ..what a pain in the

-hubby again

-me and hubby 5 yr anniversary shoot, steam punk outfits, pain in the butt to make

-me and my bff, Stephanie, been friends 30 years this aug 2015... damn i feel old.

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